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Single Family Covenants

Different additions to Somerset have different restrictive covenants. Best way to find which addition your house is located at is to go to the City Assessors website and find your property.  Addition will be listed in Brief Tax Description.  Example:  SOMERSET SD 6TH ADD LOT 10 (property is in the 6th addition).

In Iowa, POA's and and their restrictive covenants are renewed every 20 years.  Our full complement of covenants are renewed and fully in force.  If you have questions, just email SPOA.

Short Term Vacation Rentals and Guest Lodging Compliance

Click here to read the Special SPOA Position on the compliance of short term vacation rentals of single-family homes in the Somerset Subdivision.  The use of your home for short term vacation rentals is NOT in compliance with the Restrictive Covenants of the Somerset Subdivision.

For more information, see the City of Ames Guest Lodging Regulations.

Fence Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when planning changes to your property and consult the applicable Convenants.  


Contact the Somerset Property Owners Association Board with any questions regarding fence installation, construction, or any other significant change to your property.


  • Plan to be reviewed by city for setbacks and height requirements. Contact: City of Ames

  • Design elevation/sketch to be reviewed and approved by Somerset Property Owners Association (SPOA).

  • No chain link fences allowed.

  • Only fence type allowed for front yards: picket.

  • The height of fences and walls shall not exceed 6 feet along the side and rear lot lines and shall not exceed 4 feet when constructed between the build‐to‐line and the front property line.

  • Approved fence material shall be made of vinyl, wrought iron, aluminum, cedar, pressure‐treated wood, or other approved wood fencing by the Somerset POA. Color: white, black, or natural wood.

  • Gates may be constructed of wood, iron, or aluminum.

  • Privacy fences above 48” in height are to be multi‐patterned with a horizontal pattern break at 36” minimum.

  • Fences shall have a void between fence slats between maximum 2” and minimum 3/4” distance.

  • If masonry piers are used: minimum 12”square made of brick or stone.

  • Masonry (stone or brick) constructed fences are allowed. Minimum 8” thickness with a horizontal coping.


Fence Guidelines


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