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Somerset By-Laws

The Bylaws governing Somerset Subdivision were developed in 1997, amended in 2022, and filed with the State of Iowa and Story County. The Bylaws provide a framework for the Somerset Property Owners Association management and board of directors, but does not provide direction for any other association within Somerset Subdivision. Please refer to the Other Associations page for additional information.

Bylaws of Somerset Property Owners Association, Inc.  


Restrictive Covenants

A restrictive covenant is a contractual agreement or a rule governing the use of land and property. The purchaser of the land agrees to abide by certain restrictions associated with the use of the land.


The covenants that apply to property in Somerset were created to protect property values, create a cohesive neighborhood, and protect green spaces, walkways, and other neighborhood assets.  Covenants do vary within Somerset depending on the type of property and phase of development during which your property was built.


If you violate a restrictive covenant and neighbors complain about that violation, SPOA or individual property owners will enforce the covenant. SPOA will review any complaints, discuss those complaints with homeowners, make a decision at an SPOA meeting regarding any action that must be taken, and notify homeowners about that decision. If the situation is not resolved according to SPOA's recommended actions, legal action will follow.


Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Short Term Vacation Rentals and Guest Lodging Compliance

Click here to read the Special SPOA Position on the compliance of short term vacation rentals of single-family homes in the Somerset Subdivision.  The use of your home for short term vacation rentals is NOT in compliance with the Restrictive Covenants of the Somerset Subdivision.

For more information, see the City of Ames Guest Lodging Regulations.

Single Family Home


Town Home Row House

Town Center


Town Center


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